BMWhat v16.05

Программа написана специально для работы с автомобилями марки BMW. Может подключится практически ко всем блокам автомобиля, проводить диагностику множества систем, а так же обладает функциями программирования блоков авто. К, сожалению, интерфейс только на английском.

Normal OBD testers are limited to a small number of electronic control units (ECUs) and on an even smaller number of error messages.
This app reads out practically all compatible ECUs.
Normally this is only possible with expensive equipment experts.
Now you too can carry out a detailed self-diagnosis itself.
The following model-specific error code descriptions.
And … you can even delete the stored BMW specific fault codes — not just OBD Codes!
The main functions are:
— Selection of over 100 different BMW models
— identification of all compatible ECUs
— conducting in-depth diagnostics for BMW Error Codes
— Viewing Model-specific error text
— sending the error log by e-mail
— Removal of the BMW fault codes as yet free add-on can be selected engine View parameters in real time can be as shown in the demo.

When was identified in the free Lite version of the engine and the RPM is working, then you can also view the other motor parameters in the full version.
Check first with the FREE Lite version of the compatibility of the full version you BEFORE purchase these.
The Lite version identifies all compatible ECUs and acquires the number of errors found codes. So you can be sure that the full version works with the Bluetooth adapter and the connected vehicle used.
For questions, please send me an email to

The following BMW models have been successfully read by the BMWhat depth diagnosis:
1 Series: E81, E82
1 Series Convertible: E87
1 Series Coupe: E88
3 Series: E90
3 Series Touring: E91
3 Series Coupe: E92
3 Series Convertible: E93
5 Series: E60
5 Series Touring: E61
6 Series: E63
6 Series Convertible: E64
7 Series: E65, E66
X5: E70
X6: E71, E72

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